About Us
DNASecure is a unit of AQ Projects, Inc., a Texas corporation founded in 1991. DNASecure was founded to utilize our expertise in customer satisfaction and knowledge of the DNA industry in order to provide the best quality DNA identity product in the most economical fashion. We provide this service to individuals and in cooperation with non-profit agencies and certain industries.

Experience Satisfying Our Customers
AQ Projects has been involved in a number of their client's projects, working to satisfy both corporate needs and client's quality expectations. Some of the customers that AQ Projects has worked with include: KnowledgeBase, Experian, Lockheed Martin, Tumbleweed, Orkand, TRW, AT&T, Northrop Grumman and Tandem Computers.

Experience in DNA Services
Recently, AQ Projects has teamed with DNA professionals to work with a corporate client that requested a personal identification product for children. Together they have formed DNASecure, a company focused on providing a service for DNA personal identification for both adults and children. After significant research and discussions with the leading DNA laboratories, a DNA identification service and personal identification portfolio were developed to meet the needs of corporate client. Additionally, DNASecure has negotiated a cost conscious price with a fully accredited laboratory to perform the testing service. Based on the response our products have received, DNASecure has decided to offer its products to non-profit agencies and interested individuals.

DNASecure has chosen Sorenson Genomics, a world-class genomics laboratory and a global, industry leader in state of the art DNA analysis, to perform our laboratory analysis. Using advanced techniques and automated systems for DNA extraction and purification, Sorenson Genomics has been providing various DNA analytical services to a worldwide clientele for over 3 years. Sorenson Genomics holds AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) accreditation for parentage testing, is accredited by the NFSTC (National Forensic Science Technology Center) for ISO 17025 and also participates in the CAP (College of American Pathologists) Paternity, Forensic ID and mtDNA proficiency testing.

Contact Sorenson Genomics for additional information about available DNA testing services including relationship, paternity and genealogy testing at www.sorensongenomics.com